Warning posters released for TV show Terra Nova tell of the dangers of Dinosaurs!

Terra Nova is the brand new TV series executively produced by none other than Steven Spielberg and features… wait for it… Dinosaurs!!! Now come on, what more could you want! The show is due to air on Fox from September 26th, and three posters have just been released warning of the dangers of dealing with dinosaurs, whether that be feeding them, running from them or simply holding a giant bug in your hand! Just so you know, the show is about a family who travel back in time to prehistoric days and the land of dinosaurs with the intention to save the human race. It sounds absolutly brilliant!

You can check out the trailer here: https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2011/05/terra-nova-steven-spielberg-produced-tv-series-with-dinosaurs/

Anyway, I found this impressive and rather large synopsis on Dread Central:

In the year 2149 the world is dying. The planet is over-developed, over-crowded, and over-polluted. With the majority of plant and animal life extinct, devotion to science has brought mankind to the brink of destruction but has also provided its only hope for salvation.

Knowing there is no way to reverse the damage to the planet, a coalition of scientists has managed to open up a fracture in the space-time continuum, creating a portal to prehistoric Earth. This doorway leads to an amazing world, one that allows for a last-ditch effort to save the human race … possibly changing the future by correcting the mistakes of the past.

The series centers on the Shannon family as they join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to TERRA NOVA, the first colony of humans in this second chance for civilization. JIM SHANNON (O’Mara), a devoted father with a checkered past, guides his family through this new land of limitless beauty, mystery, and terror. Jim’s wife, ELISABETH SHANNON (Conn), is a trauma surgeon chosen through a global lottery as a new addition to TERRA NOVA’s medical team. JOSH SHANNON (Landon Liboiron) is their son, mourning the girl he left behind, as he’s torn between two role models – his father and the charismatic COMMANDER FRANK TAYLOR (Lang), leader of the settlement and the heroic first pioneer through the time portal.

MADDY SHANNON (Naomi Scott), Jim and Elizabeth’s teen daughter, is as independent and adventurous as her parents, but her distrust of authority soon leads her on a dangerous path.

In addition to blue skies, rolling rivers, and lush vegetation, TERRA NOVA offers new opportunities and fresh beginnings to its recent arrivals, but the Shannons have brought with them a familial secret that may threaten their citizenship in this utopia. Additionally these adventurers soon discover that this healthy, vibrant world is not as idyllic as it initially appears. The areas surrounding TERRA NOVA are filled with dangerous dinosaurs and other prehistoric threats as well as external forces that may be intent on destroying this new world before it begins.

But perhaps even more threatening than what lies outside the protective walls is the Shannons’ realization that something sinister may be happening inside TERRA NOVA as not everyone on this mission has the same intentions of how best to save mankind.”

Here are those images for you to enjoy!

(Source: Dread Central)

By Matt Wavish

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