Wrong Turn 4: First image and ‘franchise’ trailer arrives, not for the easily offended


Wrong Turn 4:Bloody Beginnings is directed by Declan O’Brien, the man responsible for the quite brilliant Wrong Turn 3. Now, Wrong Turn 3 was not the greatest sequel of all time, but it did have some nice ideas and managed to make the franchise exciting even though it was on its third outing. Fox are getting behind their new horror by releasing a new image and a franchise trailer which nicely covers the previous three films and then brings us bang up to date with a few clips from Part 4. I must say the new footage looks incredibly nasty, and Wrong Turn 4 could well be the most brutal of the successful franchise yet!

Again trying to add something new, O’Brien has decided to go for a new approach and serve Wrong Turn 4 as a prequel to the original film. In this new movie a group of friends are out on snow mobiles on a holiday and get lost in the woods. During a blizzard they take a wrong turn and have to take shelter in an abandoned sanatorium. Problem is, this is where the cannibals live and they do not take too kindly to strangers interfering with their home. A vicious game of cat and mouse follows and here the cannibals have the run of the building to play with their prey. Old surgery rooms, dark corridors and all sorts of nasty weapons and torture devices are available for what could be one of the most brutal films of the year!

The film is due to hit DVD in the US October 18th so expect to see it here in the UK not long after.

By Matt Wavish

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