WWE’s No One Lives: Cast revealed here for their latest horror project

The last horror outing from WWE was See No Evil which, to be fair, was not all that bad. Well, they are back and WWE Studios are teaming up with Pathe UK  to bring us another dose of brutal horror that stars plenty of hot young ladies (check out the following pictures!). No One Lives will be directed by Ryuhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train).

Among the cast announced are these names: Angus Macfadyen ((Saw 3 and 4), Alexis Dziena (Entourage), Laura Ramsey (The Ruins), Lindsey Shaw (The Howling Reborn), America Olivio (Bitch Slap), Beau Knapp (Super 8), Derek Magyar, Luke Evans and WWE’s Brodus Clay. With a cast like that I’m sure the film will be very popular. Filming is set to begin next week in New Orleans with WWE co-financing. Here is a little piece on the plot details:

the story concerns a group of local criminals who abduct a wealthy couple, intending to torture them. They get a surprise when the man (Evans) turns out to be far more psychotic than any of them, with a missing heiress trapped in the trunk of his car.

By Matt Wavish

Alexis Dziena
Laura Ramsey
Lindsey Shaw
America Olivio
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