Action, comedy, thrills and a whole load of voice talents, its the new Tintin trailer!


With Steven Spielberg directing and Peter Jackson producing, no one ever expected nothing short of brilliance on this animated 3D adaptation of everyone’s beloved Tintin. This is now the third trailer to be released and it is the best one yet. I am actually on the edge of my seat with anticipation after watching this stunning trailer!

This new trailer features the voices of the characters much more, and gives them proper personalities after the almost silent previous trailers. The comedy looks absolutely spot on for how Tintin was presented in Herge’s legendary books. The voices match the characters so damned perfectly it is uncanny, and the effects and animation themselves are breathtaking. The film was filmed in a new, special kind of 3D using motion capture technology, so expect this to break new grounds in how movies are presented to us.

Jamie Bell provides the voice of Tintin, with Andy Serkis as angry Captain Haddock, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the daft Thompson Twins, Daniel Craig as the evil pirate Red Rackham. The film hits UK cinemas October 26th, and for more on the plot details and the first two trailers, click this link:

By Matt Wavish

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