Cold Souls (2009)

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Cold Souls (2009)

(12A) Running time: 101 mins

Reviewed by: Matt Wavish, official HCF critic

Now this i enjoyed! The idea is ludicrous, but hell it works wonders! Paul Giamatti plays himself as he is a bit under the weather. He feels he has a heavy burden that needs to be lifted. His acting is going wrong, he can’t make love to his wife and he’s generally a bit down. He sees an ad in the paper of a company who will remove your soul and store in safely for you! I love Paul Giamatti, he is intensely brilliant to watch. So, when he gets to the doctors to enquire about this “soul keeping”, you with him as he looks confused and believes the whole thing to be a bit of a joke. It is a truly wonderful moment when you realise the company is for real, and they take his soul out, and it looks like a chickpea!!

If you hadn’t guessed, this is a quirky comedy with dark undertones. There is a Russian group who use this woman to “traffic” souls to and from the clinic. Paul’s life does improve, however, eventually he needs his soul back and it has mysteriously gone missing! The Russian boss wanted an actor’s soul for his actress wife, so she can be better. Paul’s is stolen, and she is told its Al Pacino’s, and so doesn’t want to give it back. Paul, with the help the Russian woman who has to “carry” the souls, goes in search for it.

Its a mad idea and it really does work. This is a genuine film, with real moments of care, it has real emotion, superb performances from all involved, its one of the most original comedies I’ve seen it ages. Its quirky, fun, it even gets you thinking. It won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re a fan of Paul Giamatti, you’ll love this.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

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