First image released for The Cabin in the Woods shows the cast, in a cabin, oddly enough, in the woods!

Now this is one horror that has been top of my list to see for what seems like an eternity. Having been caught up in the MGM financial issues, the inventive and highly original horror got cancelled and a release date looked more and more unlikely. Director and writer Drew Goddard and co-writer Joss Whedon set up an Internet page which poked fun at how their film was being treated, and then set up a Facebook page where users could ‘like’ the film so that they could take the online petition to MGM and prove they have  a case to make the film. It worked, and here at HCF we encouraged readers to ‘like’ the film a short while ago, so if you (like I did) ‘liked’ the film, you have yourselves to thank that the movie is finally underway and looking for an October 28th release thanks to Lionsgate who will distribute the film.

A new image appeared online today, courtesy of the lads at Bloody Disgusting. All it shows is the cast stood in a cabin which is clearly in the woods, but I don’t care, I am so excited about this horror there is a good chance I will be posting every tiny piece of info I find out. So I do not make any apologies if I go a bit overboard on this one as I simply cannot wait to see the damned thing! The image is below, and for more info on the film you can check out the following links:

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

By Matt Wavish

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