FIRST LOOK OF THE WALKING DEAD 2 RIGHT HERE: Catch a first glimpse at the eagerly awaiting second season right here on HCF!



The Walking Dead was one of last years most successful TV programme’s about the last remaining survivors of the human race, trying to fight off an earth ravaged by Zombies.

Well fans everywhere are awaiting the second season with eager breath and to make all our readers happy, here is a quick glimpse of what to expect in the new series.

More Zombies, more gore and still our Egg (This Life fans will know) at the centre of all the action.

Keep an eye out for the airing date soon on HCF!

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  1. Cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loved the first series and surprisingly, the wife did too! That teaser was brilliant, and I’m presuming that due to the weapon being used, things have gone from bad to worse!

    • Now I thought it dragged. The first episode was fab but after that it was same old zombie territory. In saying that, I’ll probably watch it cos there’s nowt else on.

  2. I thought the first series dragged after the powerhouse pilot episode. There were positives though. I thought the acting was strong (apart from the annoying wife character) and I thought the makeup and the occassional action setpiece were very effective. I just hope that the second season speeds the pace up a bit and follows the bleaker tone of the graphic novel.

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