First trailer for creature horror Spores has finally arrived, see it here!


Everyone loves a bit of sci-fi gone bad horror, and even the bad one’s still somehow become loved and cherished. The majority of creature features look pretty bad on the effects side of things because director’s simply do not have the budget to pull off what they want to achieve, but it is their sheer will to make something fantastic which makes the films so loveable. I am talking about films like Mega Piranha and Dinoshark here, those sorts of movies. Then there’s the big boys, the Cloverfields and the Deep Risings, the big big budget films which make their way to the cinema and become real cult classics. Spores looks like it will sit nicely inbetween, not quite having the technical wizardry of the more polished and expensive films, but it certainly looks better than the really cheap and tacky creature features.

Russian director Maksim Dyachuk says he was influenced by Gareth Edwards superb Monsters to make this film. Edwards is the exception to the rule, making a polished film with monsters in on a micro budget. I presume that is what Dyachuk wants to achieve here, and let’s be honest, the trailer and the effects looks pretty damned good, and considering this is his first film I am sold! You may remember me mentioning Spores a few months back, well, with the trailer finally here we also have plot details as well which will follow:

The film follows a group of friends travelling across country when they stumble upon an abandoned Soviet factory. They decide to investigate the factory and document what they find, however, what they do find is something beyond their wildest nightmares. Aliens have landed here, and they are multiplying at an alarming rate. The friends now find themselves in a desperate battle for survival against the Aliens and for mankind itself!

It is the kind of plot that has been done a thousand times, but it works so why change it? The release date on the trailer states 11.11.11, which I presume is for its native Russia. Hopefully the UK will have our own release date very soon.

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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