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Anyhow, our site was back on again to bring you live streaming of the Harry Potter premiere, if you missed it shame on you!  It was quite bizarre seeing our home page taken over by the boy wizard and it seems Great Britain has gone Potter crazy over this final showcase which our Matt went to the Premiere and we are awaiting for his verdict.

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Also Andrew Cull who Matt and I were so proud to talk to, thanks to his fantastic film The Torment.  Again you can read it here https://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2011/07/andrew-cull-talks-to-horrorcultfilms-matt-wavish-and-ross-hughes-sits-down-and-has-a-chat-with-the-director-of-the-modern-classic-the-torment-aka-the-possession-of-david-oreilly/

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Before I start my usual rant of a column can I just warn Matt not to watch this trailer:  It contains Jennifer Garner in undies, the poor man may have a heart attack:



What has Quentin Tarantino, Ethan Hawke, Roger Moore, Christian Slater, Faye Dunway, Bradley Cooper, Melissa George, Danny Trellio, Rutger Hauer, Tobin Bell and countless others all have in common?  They all guest starred in Alias, a TV show by JJ Abbrams that unfairly seems to be forgotten thanks to its younger siblings Lost and Fringe. 

Well last week I had a bargain.  I walked into one of those second hand Cash stores and saw the box-set there for only £4.99 and knowing it had a complete wrong price on it, bought it anyway, and over the last week I have been glued to the adventures of the sexy Jennifer Garner in the role as super spy Sydney Bristow.  But while I have fallen in love with it all over again, I mean the pilot itself is probably one of the greatest in American History, a quite surreal opener that contains more twists than nearly all a season of 24, but while I was watching I noticed many things that made me laugh.  In season two there is a conversation about a FRINGE diversion that deals with strange scientific matter, a crazy moment which made me realise that JJ must have had the idea of that TV show many years ago.  But it is LOST that seems to have benefited from the progress work from early Alias.  The mystery puzzle of Rambaldi and the answer to a question which opens another question is all the hallmarks of that Island hit show.  Both have cliff-hanging endings with the thumping sound, Characters by the name of Jack, Sayeed, and a few more and most of all Terry O’Quinn himself in the first two seasons (before he boarded the plane), it’s a crazy game to play and all of these I have noticed and I have not even reached Season 4 yet.

I can tell you that there is talk of a re-boot to the show, new cast, new Sydney, but I hope they don’t.  Alias was unfairly “lost” against the might of 24 all those years ago but it’s a joy to all those who have never discovered it.  It deserves a second chance even if only for the second season cliff-hanger which is a real heart stopping WTF moment.  My biggest shame is that Garner who is so good as the kick ass girl here is now appearing in girl flicks!  She needs to find a “Salt” like character to explode onto the big screen, or maybe once JJ finishes playing with Spock and Co, he may fancy doing another TV Re-boot, a one in which he created, because by
taking a look at that trailer above, what man out there would not pay to see something like that on the big screen?


This is not my usual grumbles of “why another re-make!”!  I do understand in some ways why foreign films get re-made, simply because there are those out there that are just too lazy to read subtitles and to be fair a film like Old Boy does deserve to be seen by everyone simply for its quite stunning storyline that will no doubt surprise those who have never seen it.

I love the original, its one of my favourite films of all time and news of a re-make has been around for a few years, but it now seems that Spike Lee may get the chance to adapt the film for our shores.  This intrigues me because I do like Lee, I am a huge fan of Summer Of Sam and he managed to create a powerful performance from Jodie Foster in the underrated Inside Man, so this news makes me curious.  This is a gentleman who knows the source of the material and may bring out the best out of a thrilling plot even though he has never done anything like this before.  Also will the American’s have enough balls to keep the dark “twist” that stunned so many years ago?  Even though I very much guess the infamous Octopus scene will be nowhere in sight!

 As long as we do not get Will Smith in the lead role then I be happy.  This rumour has been around for a few years and I have nothing against the Man In Black, but this role requires a Danny Trejo type actor, someone who is dark and gritty and not dare I say Handsome and clean cut.  Who do you think?  Email me and the best suggesting will get announced in my next edition of Hacked to Pieces.


Want to email me or got a story, or anything then please email me at rosshugheshcf@hotmail.co.uk


Until next time guys…

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