Johnny Depp to return as Captain Jack Sparrow in fifth Pirates movie?


Like him or not, you can’t deny that Johnny Depp’s creation of Jack Sparrow was one Hell of a career move and he is quite a fun character. Now, Sparrow may have some hygiene issues, he lies, rips people off and can’t be trusted, be he’s a jolly ol’ fella and is very likeable. So, its no wonder that Disney want to make a third, the fourth film made an awful lot of money and proved that the franchise can manage perfectly without Orlando “plank of wood” Bloom, or Kiera “pouting, sorry face” Knightley. In fact, the fourth was the most fun I’ve had watching Pirates since the first movie, and there’s the proof that its all about Jack. He’s the star, so Disney will just continue the franchise around him. Good news for Depp then, as they need him far more than he needs them, but Depp himself is a nice fella so I am sure he won’t act like some of those spoilt brats of stardom!

Depp has actually banked a staggering $350 million so far for his role as Sparrow, and claimed a few months back that he would not return unless the story was really special and worth it. Well, Disney asked Pirates regular Terry Rossion to pen another script back in January and have already had thoughts on who they’d like to direct. Unless Pirates 4 director Rob Marshall returns, names being thrown around include Tim Burton (!!),  Sam Raimi (!!!!), Chris Weitz and Alfonso Cuaron so it would seem that its all systems go to set sail on Pirates 5. And here’s another thing, rumour has it that the next instalment will actually be filmed back to back as Pirates 5 AND 6. There’s just no escaping it!!

So, word is that Depp is close to signing a deal to return as the worlds favourite Pirate which, I will admit, is a good thing. The franchise may seem a little worn now, but his character does not. So long as they can get a good enough story, this could be interesting. Sadly (or not considering the following reasons) we will have to wait a long long time for Pirates 5 and 6, Depp is currently filming Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and he also has The Lone Ranger in the pipeline too! Busy chap.

By Matt Wavish



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