This week our Chief Reporter Matt Wavish gave you the news that the Oldboy re-make is moving a fast pace and that Spike Lee is tipped to make the film.

Well news broke last night that Matt was right all along and that Lee has signed up for the American re-do and news comes this morning that Josh Brolin is being heavily tipped to be become the new Choi Min-Sik and hold the most infamous hammer.

Like the Robocop News, this is just Rumor mill at the moment and no offical word has come from Lee or the studio apart from this little snippet that suggests that the new film may go onto a different path than the film we all love.

Twitch Film are reporting that a souce close to the planned film (writer Mark Protosevich)  is to use both the Korean film and the Japanese book as reference points for his own script. While the previous film will have more of an influence on the Protosevich script, the manga will definitely also be present

So, we may be getting a new vision of Oldboy which if you like me, makes you sigh at the prospect.

How can they improve on a masterpiece?  We have to wait and see.

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  1. I am so dead against this ridiculous idea of a remake it makes me shudder! However, I do have a fondness for Brolin as an actor and if anyone can save this stupid idea then he can, although NO ONE on this planet could play Oh Dae-su quite as brilliantly as Choi Min-sik. At least the Will Smith idea has been forgotten (hopefully!)

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