Kevin Costner in talks to star in Tarantino’s Django Unchained

I don’t understand all the hate for Kevin Costner myself, I like him as an actor and, to be perfectly honest, I quite miss seeing him in big films. So, along comes Mr Tarantino to hopefully revitalise the career of yet another fallen star (Tarantino is good at doing this see) and with any luck Costner will say yes to Tarantino’s plans to have him in his next movie.

The Western already has some very big names attached, Jamie Foxx recently signed on to be the hero of the movie, Django himself, Tarantino regular Samuel L Jackson is also set to star, alongside Christoph Waltz, but most importantly we have Leonardo DiCaprio playing, wait for it, the villain!! Now this I cannot wait to see, and the role being offered to Costner is that of Ace Woody. Woody is an employee of DiCaprio’s nasty Calvin Candie, and they train slaves to fight each other for their own amusement.

Costner doesn’t often play bad guys, but just take at look at the rather brilliant Mr Brooks for proof  that Tarantino has made the right choice, I just hope Costner follows.

By Matt Wavish

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