More handheld horror comes along in new frightener Haunted Poland, see the teaser trailer here!


More handheld camera shenanigans are coming our way, this time courtesy of Poland in new tale of terror Haunted Poland! Now, I am not sure from the teaser as to whether to take this film seriously or not, it is ever incredibly over the top scary and it will all work itself out nicley in the final film, or it is a bit of a farce. From what I have read this is supposed to be a serious horror, but sorry the trailer does not convince, yet. Maybe something a bit stronger will come along to sway my judgement.  The film is directed by Paul Maso and Irene Gonzalez and you can find out more about the film on their Facebook page here Haunted Poland Facebook page.

Told cinéma vérité-style (of course), Haunted Poland depicts the contents of recorded tape filmed by a couple who visited Poland to meet and visit family. However, our duo soon find themselves disturbed by all manner of strange phenomena upon visiting the girl’s hometown where she once played with a Ouija board.

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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