Napoleon Dynamite returns in cartoon form!! Check out the hilarious trailer for the animated series now!


Come on, admit it, you thought Napoleon Dynamite was one of the funniest comedies of 2004, I know I did. Certain scenes in that film actually cause me a lot of pain thanks to laughing so much, so it is great to see the characters making a return. Please, do not get put off by the fact it is animated because, if you watch the trailer, you will notice it is animated very well indeed, an almost Beavis and Butthead type look, or King of the Hill, and it will suit this new TV series perfectly. The new show will be arriving soon!

Thankfully the cast from the original movie are all back to lend their voices, so thankfully no one will look or sound out of place, and the comedy looks just as good as it did during the movie. Jon Heder is back voicing Napoleon Dynamite along with Efren Ramirez as Pedro, Jon Gries as Uncle Rico and Aaron Ruell as Kip Dynamite.

Official synopsis: Based on the hit film, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is an animated series that follows the continuing adventures of America’s most awesome awkward teenager and his quirky family and friends as they struggle to navigate small-town life in rural Idaho.

A few clips were recently aired at Comic Con and you can view them below:




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