New 30 second Insidious trailer will leave you shaking all over again!

The horror sensation of the year, Insidious, is set to make its way onto DVD and Bluray in the UK on September 12th, and a new 30 second trailer has just been released and you can view it right here, courtesy of Twitch.


James Wan’s haunted kid horror has become the most profitable film of the year. Made on a very small budget, the film gained huge praise after working its way round the festivals, then it hit the cinemas and made quite a reputation for itself amongst the horror fans, and now it is set to scare us all over again in our own home, if you are brave enough to sit through it again!

The new 30 second trailer does show an awful lot more of the film than the original cinema trailer did, but that is because half the world has seen it, we all know it is scary, and the new trailer is simply a reminder of what scared us the first time round. I will absolutely be buying this on Bluray, and you can check out my review right here:    

You can also read an alternative review by someone with a different opinion on the film, our Scream loving Ross Hughes here:

(Source: Twitch)

By Matt Wavish

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