Night of the Chupacabras: Witness the most insane trailer so far this year!


This has got to be the most mental trailer I have seen for a good few months! I mean this is just totally bonkers and I love it! Directed by Rodrigo Aragao, all I can tell you is that this is the second part of a trilogy of films. The first being the Portuguese directors debut, Mud Zombies (Mangue Negro), this film is the second and the third will be a water based horror based on the beaches of Brazil where zombies come out of the sea. This film looks insane and I really hope this gets a release here in the UK. I read an interview with the director over on Fangoria and, while I will not steal from that interview, I feel it only fair to use the director’s own words in issuing a plot synopsis:

Before they became a Syfy channel staple, chupucabras sightings have been reported in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Texas and South America since 1995. Witnesses describe a bipedal and reptile-like cryptid, who roams the countryside in the wee hours and preys on livestock. “In THE NIGHT OF THE CHUPACABRAS, we meet a couple who comes back to their homeland in Brazil,” says the Portuguese-speaking Aragão of his film’s plot. “They face a journey in the woods and mountains, surrounded by mystery, legends and natural beauty. Later, Douglas and his family become concerned with the mysterious deaths of their farm animals, as well as with the old conflicts that for long have been tormenting them and a rival family. However, the father knows that something creepier is hidden in the woods. The families at war will have to face an evil worse than their imagination. Among the carnage and family strife, the mythical figure of the Chupacabras presents itself.”

By Matt Wavish

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