What a week for trailers.  Batman, Spider-man, Walking Dead and now this, which has come out of the blue tonight and will no doubt give horror fans a massive feel of excitement.

Paranormal Activity 3 which is due out around Halloween time has built a huge amount of questions in where the series is going to go, and by the trailer it seems its going to be an origin story, showing Kate when she was a young child, and the spooky going on which she referenced in the original.

This has come as a massive suprise to me who did not expect this direction, but I suppose, while I have doubts that they are further ruining the original with more back story, I am somewhat curious in how the Catfish directors do this.

Please tell us your views on this, we at HCF would love to hear from you!

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  1. Oooh, that Bloody Mary bit was creepy, count me in on this one! Nice to see a new direction on the film too!

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