Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: A new video diary has arrived, watch it here


Its been a while since Peter Jackson’s last video diary as The Hobbit was about to kick off filming. This new diary celebrates the film passing the first’block’ of shooting. With 250 days of filming to get through, the film is being made up in three ‘block’ parts, and the first part is doing well, this basically means that pre-production, principal photography and effects work are running concurrently. Everyone on set looks a bit worn out, but spirits are high and I like the touch of asking the crew what they will be doing for their first break.

Nice to see Andy Serkis ‘turn to the darkside’ as he steps behind the camera too! Oh, and there is a brief look at Serkis in action as Gollum. If anything though, the short video serves as a good selling tool for New Zealand as the scenery looks breathtaking! Anyway, Jackson looks happy, even finding time to jump over small streams and play with floating branches, so all looks well on the set of the will be the biggest two films in movie history.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey hits UK cinemas December 14th 2012, and The Hobbit: There and Back Again arrives December 2013.

By Matt Wavish

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