Rise of the Planet of the Apes, let’s catch up with all three clips that have been revealed this week!

With Comic Con in full swing all the big releases are showing exclusive clips, trailers and images from their films and, true to form, Rupert Wyatt’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes has been doing the same. Not one but THREE clips have been revealed this week and each one looks stunning and shows off the film truly breathtaking motion capture effects. Watch the clips for yourself and I am sure you’ll agree that they are flawless! Each clip is introduced by Andy Serkis who stars in the film. Clip one shows the main ape protecting his ‘Father’ John Lithgow who has alzheimer’s disease and it is this attack which leads the ape to be locked up and become bitter.

The second clip shows how the ape escapes from his cage, while the third clip shows Harry Potters Tom Felton pushing the ape a little too far and the look he is given by the ape is chilling. The film arrives in UK cinemas August 12t and, after a poor start thanks to the reputation of previous Planet of the Apes films, I truly believe that Rise… is gaining a massive following and is set to be one of the surprise hits of the Summer. Personally, I cannot wait anymore and will be first in line at my local cinema to see this!

The three clips follow but we have covered tons of stuff on this film, which you can view here

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