Teaser trailer for Adam Sotelo’s ‘Perseveration’ will shock, disturb and disgust. You have been warned!

A new indie horror is on its way from newcomer Adam Sotelo and all that has been revealed so far is this poster and this rather disturbing teaser trailer which you can view below (if you’re brave enough!) Sotelo has said the film will take you on a journey into the depths of his mind, to Hell and back. Nothing else is known apart from what we get to see in the trailer. It is clear some strong scenes of torture will be involved and I am guessing you will need a strong stomach for this one!

The film is being billed as “the most offensive, disturbing, grotesque independent film of all time.” More on this as we find out, but for now you can view the not so pleasant trailer below:

By Matt Wavish



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  1. This seems way more disturbing then Saw!! When I watch saw movies I cry like a baby and the next few days im paranoid as hell!! 😯 If i had a hard time stomaching those movies…i dont think i could sit through this for very long. It seems traumatizing. Its not really the gore thats the scary part (although it looks really repulsive and realistic) its the concept. Way too disturbing! Torture movies are terrifing! 😕

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