The Tenant: Not someone you’d want to be stuck with, check out the rather gruesome trailer here


Ah, its good to see the most famous bald head in horror still doing what he does best, playing bizarre unsettling characters. Yes, welcome back Mr Michael Berryman, made famous in Wes Craven’s the Hills Have Eyes. He stars here in Ric La Monte’s The Tenant as Dr Walter Newman, someone who conducts DNA splicing to try and fix human deformities, which disastrous results. The Tenant is set to arrive in the US August 16th, there is no details yet for a UK release.


An obsessed doctor tries to cure human deformities through DNA splicing, an obsession drawing him into a dark world where he experiments on the patients at Edgewood Asylum. Ignoring his pregnant wife, Olivia, she comes to see him one night, but everything goes horribly wrong as Dr. Newman watches in horror as Olivia delivers their twins – One twin is a beautiful baby girl, the other a deformed creature that defies nature. 28 years later, on a dark road, a van breaks down. Young, beautiful Liz Holliman of the Roslyn Center for the Deaf is traveling with a group of young teens and her driver, ex-con Jeff Thomas. With a flat tire, a storm, and freezing temperatures, they must seek shelter. The group make their way to an old abandoned building — the Edgewood Asylum. Little do they know, evil awaits them …

By Matt Wavish

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