Trailer for The Asylum’s A Haunting in Salem actually looks quite good!


You gotta love those chaps over at The Asylum, the production company responsible for such ‘classics’ as Almighty Thor, Titanic 2, MegaPiranha and Megashark VS Crocosaurus! They are back with their hundredth film this year, the rather creepy looking A Haunting in Salem. I must admit, I am very surprised at how good this little horror actually looks! It has been filmed in 3D and according to IMDB, it will be getting a limited theatrical run here in the UK as of August 23rd.

The film is directed by Asylum regular Shane Van Dyk and stars Bill Oberst Jnr, Carey Van Dyk and Gerald Webb. No synopsis is available but I am sure you get the idea from the trailer!

By Matt Wavish

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