Update on the Evil Dead remake, a writer is on board but is this good or bad news?

So, the Evil Dead remake IS happening, and no doubt it will be one of the most highly anticipated remakes of all time. Or, it could still be a sequel, but whatever it is going to be, it will be huge. Sam Raimi will be returning, but not to direct, he will be producing. The director duties have been passed on to Fede Alvarez who’s directing duties have only been short films so far. As to whether Bruce Campbell will return, well that is another point which is still unclear. Rumour is he will not be returning, but may turn up in a cameo part in the film. I’m sorry, but is Bruce Campbell not the reason, or one of the reasons, that the Evil Dead franchise is so well loved and treasured? So, with all this recent news things are still not 100% clear and there is still an awful lot of speculation. For now what is set in stone is that Fede Alvarez IS directing, Raimi WILL return to produce and there is now someone who has signed on to work on the screenplay and here is where things become potentially dangerous…

Step forward Academy Award winning writer Diablo Cody, yes She of Juno and Jennifer’s Body fame! This is who is going to be re-writing our beloved Evil Dead and I have my doubts here. Yes she can write quirky and often hard to understand comedies come dramas (Juno) and Jennifer’s Body clearly had the intentions to please horror fans, especially make ones, but there was no edge to that film, no real horror and it was rubbish. It is what it is, and for the moment Cody WILL be writing the screenplay, however the amount of Internet backlash that has come from this decision who knows what will happen.

More on this as it develops.

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