Well despite my feelings of hate towards Hatchet II which for me is this years biggest disappointment, its finally been confirmed that Victor Crowley, the new bogeyman created by Adam Green is to make his debut in comic book form, a sign that the character is becoming a slash figure in the halls of fame.

The ArieScope website, had this to say on the matter:

It was announced at San Diego Comic-Con today that HATCHET’s Victor Crowley would be the next villain to face off with Cassie Hack in the hit comic series HACK/SLASH. This marks the first time that Victor Crowley will appear in comic form as well as the first collaboration between HACK/SLASH creator Tim Seeley and HATCHET creator Adam Green.

“I’ve been in love with Cassie Hack since I first read an issue of Hack/Slash”, says Green. “When Tim Seeley approached me about having Victor Crowley face-off with Cassie and Vlad I think it was probably the quickest and most enthusiastic “YES” I’ve ever given. It is an honour to be included in such a fantastic series and I’m personally geeking out looking at my Hack/Slash collection and knowing that a character I created will soon be part of it.”

Seeley says, “I’ve wanted to work with Adam Green since I saw the tagline on the HATCHET poster. “Old School American Horror.” I knew Adam got it. As a fan of Adam’s work, I’m psyched to have my comic creations go bat to hatchet with one of the greatest indy horror icons of all time!”

So there you have it!  How long before we see Victor face Freddy or Jason in the land of comics?

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