What will you be watching this Summer? Let our easy to read guide help you chose! (DVD & Bluray releases)

So, the Summer ‘Blockbuster’ season is upon us. In less than a week, the kids will be off school, the Great British weather is likely to rain and the film studios are gearing up for what is rumoured to be one of the biggest Summer’s ever in the movie business. Saying that, all the talk of how this Summer will be one of the busiest for films, the amount of true big blockbusters is not really great. Granted, the cinema’s will have a vast range of movies on offer, and the majority of them looking very very promising indeed for us fans of horror, cult and sci-fi but I don’t see many really breaking any records, apart from a certain boy Wizard who will no doubt dominate the Summer and everything else will have to compete with him for supremacy. Nothing will come close, and with Transformers: Dark of the Moon strangely being released before the Summer holidays, there is not really any competition for Mr Potter’s reign. I have seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, in 3D, and let me tell you it is something quite special and quite brilliant. Expect to see my review up in the next few days.

What I plan to do here though, is guide you through the great films on offer this Summer, so you can plan your weeks and days based on what is out and let me tell you there is some truly great stuff coming our way. This Summer, however, is the Summer of Sci-fi as we have a number of big sci-fi releases from Super 8 and Cowboys and Aliens to Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Conan the Barbarian, and with Transformers: Dark of the Moon still on release, there is plenty for fans of sci-fi to get excited about! Along with the important cinema releases, I will also give a little insight into the big releases on DVD and Bluray, as we all know a night in is just as important as a night out. Who knows, maybe you saw something at the cinema a while back and some noisy, irritating moron spoiled in for you in the cinema and you’d prefer to watch it in your own living room with no interruptions. Whatever your reasons, I hope this guide serves you well. So, without anymore waffling, let’s get started:


July 18th also see’s the release of Unknown, the film starring Liam Neeson that is NOT Taken. Neeson plays Dr Martin Harris, an unfortunate fella who wakes from a coma only to find his identity has been stolen, and he will stop at nothing to get it back.


July 25th and the Eagle makes its way onto DVD and Bluray. You can’t beat a good old fashioned swords and sandales epic, and the Eagle is just that. 20 years after the Ninth Legion disappeared, a young centurion who’s Father was part of the Legion who went missing, returns to find out what happend and reclaim the Legion’s golden emblem. Roman’s and big swords and thr Scots make this a must see!


Yellowbrick Road finally arrives on DVD on July 25th and this is one of the most atmospheric horrors I have seen in quite some time. A group of filmmakers head into the countryside to find a mysterious Yellowbrick Road trail where locals once went, but never came back. Bodies of some of the locals were found, others weren’t and once the group get close, strange occurences begin to happen, spooky stuff.


After his brief theatrical run, the Hobo with a Shotgun will make his way onto DVD and Bluray on August 1st. If you miss this at the cinema, and demand you get hold of this on DVD, its great fun!

Bradley Cooper takes his wonder pill in Limitless on DVD and Bluray on August 1st, the edge of your seat thriller see’s Cooper play Eddie, a guy with writer’s block who tests a new drug which enhances his brain functions and makes him almost superhuman. However bad people want to get hold of these drugs too. Robert De Niro and Anna Friel also star.

Spanish horror The Silent House creeps onot DVD August 1st and this is certainly a horror not to be missed. Filmed in real time and on a handheld camera, the story follows a daughter and her Father as they stay in an old country house overnight, ready to renuvate in the morning. Strange noises disturb their peaceful night, and utter terror follows.

Scream is back as Scream 4 makes its DVD and Bluray debut on August 8th. Failing at the cinema, this could well find a new home on DVD and this could well be where the movie finds a whole generation of new fans.  Enjoy the carnage as Ghostface returns, as do some old cast members from the original Scream along with a whole new cast of fresh faces and up to date ideas.

Zack Snyder’s multi effects visual masterpiece Sucker Punch hits DVD and Bluray August 8th. If you missed this at the cinema, what happened? Anyway, for pure guilty plesure, it’s best you get a hold of this slightly confusing fantasy adventure as a group of mental patients head off into their own little world and act out a means to escape.

Luc Besson makes a return on August 15th with the Extraordinary Adeventures of Adele Blanc-sec, a sort of female Indiana Jones. Adele is an explorer and treasure hunter from Paris who heads to Egypt in search of treasure, while back in Paris a mad scientist has unleashed prehistoric dinosaurs on the French capital.

Quarantine 2: The Terminal hits DVD and Bluray August 15th. The sequel to Quarantine, the US remake of the superb Spanish horror (Rec), this sequel is not a remake of (Rec)2 but a brand new story. Here an airport terminal is closed off as a plane is forced to land after an outbreak of the Zombie disease onboard.

Moon director Duncan Jones Source Code is out on DVD and Bluray also on August 15th. The Jake Gyllenhaal starrer see’s him having to relive 12 minutes of a particular event as part of an experiment to save a train full of people dying after a bomb is detinated. Confusing and highly intelligent, this was one of the surprise hits from earlier this year at the cinema.

The calssic Brotherhood of the Wolf makes its Bluray debut on August 22nd. The Mark Dacascos starrer is filled with stunning scenery, brutal violence and creepy horror as werewolves and assassins battle it out in the French countryside, awesome stuff and will look stunning on Bluray.

Also on August 22nd, Red Riding Hood arrives on DVD and Bluray. Many people saw this and claimed the film was rather brilliant, a sort of Twilight movie with just a werewolf this film had far more bite and scares than the awful love torn series. Gary Oldman is always welcome, and here he plays a werewolf hunter who heads to a small village in the woods to hunt a werewolf. Love tringles get in the way, and the werewolf may be closer than they all think.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night makes an appearance on DVD August 29th. The film has been talked about quite a bit in the US, although reviews have not been all that positive, however, catch it on DVD to make up your own mind. Dylan is a supernatural private detective who hunts monsters and the like in the Louisiana Bayou.

Adam Greens long awaited sequel to Hatchet, the cleverly named Hatchet 2 arrives on DVD August 29th. Victor Crowley is back to cause more mayhem and inventive murder as a gang of youths decide to hunt him and attempt to kill him once and for all. This being a horror, the youth’s plans don’t work out all that well!

Session 9 director Brad Anderson bites off a little more than he can chew with Vanishing on 7th Street on DVD August 29th. The film shows New York being plagued by darkness as a group of survivors try and work out what the hell is going on and how they will stay alive. Bad things happe when the lights go out, bad, spooky things. The film had a lot of potential but sadly does not deliver.

On the day the kids should go back to school, September 5th, the most profitable and scary horror of the year comes to DVD and Bluray. James Wan’s Insidious is back to creep us out all over again, time to run off all the lights and scare the Misses!

And finally, also on September 5th, Scarface himself Tony Montana arrives on Bluray for the first time ever. One deluxe steel tin box and another ultra special package make this one of the most collectable Blurays of the year. “Say hello to my liddle fwend!” Ah, money well spent!

To see what’s coming your way in the cinema, click the following link:


I hope this list gives you some ideas as to how you can enjoy yourselves at the movies this Summer, but for further information click the link below to take you to my regularly updated New Releases pages. Expect something like this in the run up to Christmas too! Thanks for reading.





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