Yet another big budget ‘Monster’ movie hopefully on the way!

With Godzilla being remade by Monsters director Gareth Edwards, and his own Monsters getting the sequel treatment as well as Guillermo Del Toror’s Pacific Rim all on their way in the not too distant future, the movie world is going Monster crazy! For me, this is a very good thing indeed. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the tacky Mega Shark this and Giant Octopus that, but every now and then I wanna big budget Monster spectacular on the biggest cinema screen available, and you aint gonna get that with the numerous SyFy channel movies that seem to appear every month.

So, the latest in a long line of big budget Monster movies comes from Legendary Pictures who are looking at Robert Zemeckis (What Lies Beneath, Forrest Gump, Back to the Future) to direct. Brian Helgeland has been hired to write ‘Here There Be Monsters’ which is based on an idea by Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull. It is supposedly based on Revolutionary Naval hero John Paul Jones and will feature Sea Monsters!

After doing a little big of digging there is a book entitled Here There be Monsters which focuses predominantly of the Kraken and the mysterious Giant Squid. It could just be me getting over excited at the idea, but a movie having both a Kraken AND  a Giant Squid, two of my favourites, is just too good not to be excited about.

Zemeckis should do well as a director, and Helgeland certainly has proved himself as  writer after penning such classics as L.A Confidential and Mystic River.

Expect much more on this as it develops!

By Matt Wavish

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