A Conan sequel on the way, written by Conan himself Jason Momoa!!

What a world we live in eh? Conan the Barbarian, the remake, has not even been released yet and already plans are afoot for a sequel. Clearly the makers of the remake of Arnie’s classic believe this film will do well, and I for one think it will do far better than anyone ever expected. The trailers and clips just keep on getting better and better, and I really love the fact director Marcus Nispel WANTS an 18 certificate. This is so rare these days, with most directors playing it safe to achieve a more commercially viable 15 certificate, and for that reason alone I want Conan to do well. The film also stars Ron Perlman and Rose McGowan and is due to arrive in UK cinemas in 3D on the 24th August. You can see tons mor stuff including clips, trailers and images by clicking here

For now though, let’s concentrate on the rather cool news that Conan himself, Jason Momoa, has penned a script for a sequel, and his love for the character is what has driven him to want to do it. I think it’s brilliant that the star wants to write his own movie based on the character he is playing, so read on for what Momoa said about his decision:

“It will mostly be… It’s character-adapted, because I really want to get into more of the mythical creatures, you know? […] We wanted to go there [in the first one], but having Clash of the Titans, and coming out against that, we wanted to put the budget into some other things. […] I don’t want to give anything away, but we already have our Conan, really it’s about the villain, what that villain is going to extract from Conan, and where as an actor I want to go with Conan. […] So, I think we have a good lock on it. Also, I feel it’s beautiful… How many actors get to go in there and go, “I’m part of the writing process?” and care that much about the character, because he is a fan himself? It’s great. You know some people go like, “It’s great, I’m going to be in my trailer.” I want to @#$%ing make a great Conan movie.”

By Matt Wavish

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