Are you ready to die and come back again? A Flatliners remake is in the works

Flatliners was one of my favourite films of the 90’s! You just can’t beat Joel Schumacher’s superb direction and the often scary but very intense plot was so engrossing it was near impossible not to love it. Over twenty years on and the film still feels fresh, with the idea of a group of rogue student Doctor’s and scientists having real death experiences. The group, which included Kiefer Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, William Baldwin and Oliver Platt, would each take in turns dying through experiments, spending a short time in the afterlife, and then being revived to come back and tell the tale. Things turn increasingly dark as each member attempts to break the record as to how long they can stay dead, whilst those who have died and come back start to experience traumatic and frightening nightmares and visions. The visions become violent and soon the group must figure out why it is happening, and how they can stop it.

Flatliners is awesome, and the only thing that has really dated about it is the bloody awful haircuts and just how young the cast actually look. If you have never seen Flatliners then you are truly missing out on a terrific horror, which is why it pains me to bring you this news of a remake. When will this all stop?

Peter Filardi wrote the original film, and the plan was to turn it into a series, but now Columbia Pictures (who released the original) want a remake. One positive point is that Source Code writer Ben Ripley has been tasked with writing the script, while Laurence Mark (Julie & Julia, The Lookout) has been given the job of producing. Further Films, who produced the original, will also be producing the remake. No news yet on a director or any cast members, so lets hope this particular remake dies a death and we won’t ever see it actually happen. Wishful thinking I suppose, and I reckon we’ll be bringing you news on a confirmed director very soon (sigh)

By Matt Wavish

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