Brand new ‘war themed’ international poster revealed for Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I am so damned excited about this film I can barely contain myself!! Less than a week to go I keep saying in my head, not long now! Breathe!!! Anyway Rupert Wyatt’s stunning looking prequel is due to hit UK cinemas next Thursday (August 11th) and some very lucky cinema goers will find their local cinema showing a half past midnight special screening on Wednesday August 10th!! Book your tickets now as I believe this film is going to be the shock big hit of the Summer. The marketing around this film has been spot on and well timed. Two months ago people barely had an interest in the film after Tim Burton’s awful remake put people off wanting to see another Planet of the Apes themed movie. The trailers and clips started to flood in, and suddenly movie goers took note and there was no escaping seeing something to do with this film. Now when you ask people if they will be watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes their eyes light up, a big smile and a loud and definite “your damn right I’ll be watching it, it looks amazing!” Not one person I have asked have said it looks anything but brilliant.

To add to the constant barrage of images and footage comes a brand new international poster which is a huge improvement on the official poster revealed a few weeks back. This new poster looks more like a war film, a serious and dangerous story which again proves the point that this is no fun loving, camp film about talking apes, but a real and menacing film. Check out the poster below and for a whole load of images, trailers and multiple clips and TV spots click the following link

By Matt Wavish


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