Chilling second clip released for serial killer flick ‘A Horrible Way To Die’

Adam Wingard’s nasty serial killer horror, A Horrible Way To Die is said to take the serial killer film to places it has never been before. Check out the following two clips and trailer and see for yourself. The first clip and trailer have already been shown on here, but the new clip where Garrick Turrel (A J Bowen) picks up a hitchhiker will send shivers down your spine. It is the cold, calculated and calmness about the killer which really unsettles as he plans his kill.

The film will arrive n a small selection of US cinemas on August 19th and will then arrive on DVD and Bluray from September 6th. There is no word yet on a UK release date.


Forget everything you’ve ever seen in a serial killer movie and get ready for the chiller that stunned festival audiences around the world: Notorious murderer Garrick Turrell (AJ Bowen) has escaped from police custody and resumed his killing spree. His former girlfriend Sarah (Amy Seimetz) is a recovering alcoholic trying to put her life back together in a new town with a new man (Joe Swanberg). Her past continues to haunt her. And now her ex-boyfriend is leaving a trail of slaughter in his hunt to find her.

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