Christian Bale to play the villain in Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, and with The Dark Knight Rises currently filming, Christian Bale is not getting involved with any new projects until his days as the Caped Crusader are over. However, Variety reports that there is a little project which has Bale in mind and will no doubt be pursuing him when the time is right.

Spike Lee, as you all know, is remaking our beloved Oldboy movie. Now, I was dead against this, if you remember a while back I had a little rant while breaking the news to you. I am still angry at the fact they want to remake such a brilliant film, however, the choice to cast the always superb Josh Brolin as the ‘victim’ Oh Dae-su (and I presume a name change) got me slightly more interested. The latest news is that supposedly the makers of the remake are now wanting Christian Bale to take the role of the bad guy. If you have seen the film, then I am sure you will agree that Bale has the charisma and dark intensity to pull off such a role, and maybe even bring some true madness to the character.

This is all just a rumour right now, but if Bale does get cast then thats one more step to making me want to see it.

The original South Korean masterpiece revolves around a man who’s kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years. When he’s finally released and begins looking into the reason for his captivity, he soon finds out that his kidnapper has even more torturous plans for him.

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