Dario Argento discusses Dracula 3D, insects and that Suspiria remake!

With his latest film Giallo just out here in the UK on DVD and shooting well under way for his latest horror Dracula 3D, horror legend Dario Argento recently sat down with Fangoria for a rare interview on the current affairs in the Argento camp. Dracula 3D is expected to hit UK cinemas early 2012 in 3D and when asked about filming in 3D Argento responded:

“We previously tried RED and Silicon Image 2K cameras, but the Lexa and Sony F3 are amazing. This is the first time the new Lexa cameras are being used for a 3D picture. This technology is certainly more complex, difficult and time-consuming than standard 2D filmmaking, but I have an amazing Italian team helping me out with it, supervised by Jean Antoine Delille.”

“This time we are going to use more visual effects than in my previous movies,”

I fully believe that if any director can really make 3D work, Argento is the man to do it. His astonishing visual style and camera trickery should suit the formula perfectly. However, don’t expect Argento’s re-telling of Bram Stoker’s Dracula to be as straight forward as you might have thought. His dark fascination with insects will take centre stage at some point, as he explains:

“I wanted to insert something original, so that the audience could recognize it as a Dario Argento movie. I then thought: Dracula is a creature that could mutate into a wolf, a bat and even into fog, so why couldn’t he transform also in a insect? So my Dracula will metamorphose into flies, a rat, a giant mantis and even a spider!”

Spooky stuff indeed but I cannot wait to see what the true Master of Horror comes up with. He has chosen his daughter Asia to play the role of Lucy and Thomas Kretschmann will play Dracula, however it is the casting of Rutger Hauer which may surprise some fans. Argento defends his decision:

“I’ve always admired him,and in my opinion he is more interesting now as an actor than when he was young. He as this very powerful face, with eyes expressing a sort of fury. The wrinkles on his visage give him the aspect of someone whose life has forged him, and I thought he would be a wonderful Van Helsing. In this story, he is a very practical vampire hunter; he’s not much into religion and mysticism, he’s not relying too much on the Bible or the cross.”

I am so excited about this movie, and after the troubled production of Giallo, I can’t wait to see what Argento comes up with now he has free reign to do his own things again. What I am not looking forward to mind, is the dreaded remake of one of the greatest horror films of all time, Suspiria. When asked about the remake Argento responded with the most polite but direct statement and I could not have put it better myself!

“I am not involved in it, I don’t know if they are doing it or not or where are they shooting it. Nobody ever told me anything about it. Unfortunately, I do not own the rights of the movie anymore; someone in United States bought them. Honestly, I don’t understand the sense of remaking my films; I do hope they stop this nonsense.”

Source: Fangoria

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