First look at Batman and Bane on set of The Dark Knight Rises! have just published these following images of Batman and Bane on the set of The Dark Knight Rises and I must say the more I see of Christopher Nolan’s final film in his Batman trilogy, the more excited I get. I truly feel that by the time this film gets released in UK cinemas July 20th 2012 I will quite literally be at bursting point. The recent teaser trailer was astonishing and conjured up feelings of excitement I haven’t felt about a movie in a long long time, but the darned thing is still a whole year away!! Far too bloody early to be teasing us, but a very clever marketing idea showing it at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 which had the biggest opening weekend for a film, ever! The entire world now knows The Dark night Rises is coming, there is no escape and the makers should understand that people are very very hungry for as much info as they can swallow. Hence the reason images like what we have here today for you will get fans even more excited. But please, be warned, these images DO CONTAIN SPOILERS so if you have no interest in knowing any of the story before viewing the film, do not read on!

What we have are a number of chaotic images involving Batman and a bizarrely dressed Bane going at it, with police holding Batman back in one scene. Bane looks dangerous and menacing and kind of frightening and chaos is all around. I can only presume there is a riot going on and Bane is the cause of it, the police are involved and tanks have been called in. It all looks utter madness, just what we’d all hoped would happen. Oh man I am SO feckin excited, its times like this you wish you could invent a time machine and skip forward to July 20th 2012! For tons more in the Dark Knight Rises including the teaser trailer and poster, click here


By Matt Wavish

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