Full plot details and chilling poster revealed for Nicholas McCarthy’s ‘The Pact’

Nicholas McCarthy wrapped up his feature length adaptation of his short film The Pact earlier this month. The creepy thriller has picked up distribution rights courtesy of Content Media, and the official website has released the following plot details. Bloody Disgusting also got an exclusive look at the films rather chilling poster which you can view below the synopsis. No release date details are available yet, but you can be sure we will have them for you, as well as the trailer once they turn up. The film stars Casper Van Dien, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Caity Lotz, Haley Hudson and Agnes Bruckner.


“Based on Nicholas McCarthy’s acclaimed spine-chilling Sundance 2011 short, and from the Producer of Xavier Gens’ SXSW sensation THE DIVIDE, comes a terrifying ghost story in the classic horror tradition of Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, Argento’s SUSPIRIA and Nakata’s RINGU…

When their mother dies, sisters Annie and Nicole finally begin to face their disturbing childhood, and the time they spent locked in the ‘punishment room.’ Soon Nicole visits her mother’s house to deal with the estate and spend the night — and mysteriously vanishes. Annie reluctantly returns home and begins rooting through her mother’s belongings for answers, happening upon a picture of her mother standing beside an unknown young woman, and feeling an eerie presence…

Soon their cousin Liz, charged with caring for Nicole’s infant daughter Eva, joins Annie in the house, and all seems relatively calm — until Liz too disappears in the middle of the night. Desperately searching the house for her, Annie suddenly feels a hand grip the back of her neck before being brutally attacked by a violent, unseen force. Escaping with Eva and scared for her life, Annie’s frantic search for clues continues while she begins to experience visions of a mysterious figure hunched over, head in hands, rocking…

Unfolding like an intensely atmospheric and horrifying nightmare, with an extraordinary twist that will shock and surprise even the most well versed of horror fans, THE PACT delves into secrets so sinister, so deeply unsettling, so downright scary, that audiences will experience the true meaning of fear right up to the final unforgettable frame.”

(Source: Bloody Disgusting)

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