Full trailer arrives for ultra scary military horror El Paramo (The Squad)

A brief teaser trailer was released a while back for Jaime Osorio Marquez’ Colombian horror El Paramo (The Squad), and now the full length trailer has finally arrived. This has been released to help push the films festival run, which begins shortly, and hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to share a release date with you. This military based horror looks creepy to the extreme, and while the trailer does not have any English subtitles, they are not really needed. I am sure you get the idea that there are some very spooky goings on and that it would appear to be a military island they are based on. To help explain the film, Twitch revealed this very helpful synopsis, more on this soon:

All contact with a military base high in the desolate wastelands of Colombia has been lost. The authorities – believing the base to have fallen to a terrorist attack – send a nine-man squad to investigate.When they arrive, the men discover a shocking scene of carnage, and only one survivor – a mute woman in chains.

Gradually the isolation, the inability to communicate with the outside worldand the impossibility of escape begin to undermine the sanity of the soldiers.They start to question the identity of their enemy, and the true nature of the strange, silent woman. Is she a terrorist? A victim? Or something moresinister? Something supernatural… Paranoia takes root. Prisoners of fear and the terrible secret they share, their humanity abandoned, the men turn savagely on each other.

(Source: Twitch)

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