Hilarious new chainsaw clip arrives for ‘Tucker and Dale VS Evil’

Tucker and Dale VS Evil arrives on DVD (RRP £9.99) and Bluray (RRP £14.99) on 26th September, and may I suggest you get it pre-ordered right away. This is without doubt one of the finest horror comedies to have been released all year, and one of the funniest of recent memory. This brand new clip goes to show exactly just how well set up the mixture of horror and comedy really is.

In the film, Tucker and Dale are two harmless hillbillies away for a weekend of fishing and drinking in their wood cabin. They look like those killers you see in horror films based in the backwoods, and unfortunately for them, they act like killers, but not on purpose! See, a bunch of college kids have it in their head that these guys are serial killers, and a number of situations arise which only make matters worse for poor Tucker and Dale.

To go into any more detail would spoil the surprise, so lets just say this clip offers the best example of how the brilliant comedy in the film works. This is a must see for all horror fans, trust me. We have already covered previous clips and trailers and you can also see my review right here.

By Matt Wavish


Matt Wavish
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