In Bruges writer/director’s follow up ‘Seven Psychopath’s’ has a cast and plot to die for!

Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges was one of the finest films of 2008, and quite possibly the funniest. I certainly have not laughed that much at a film in a long time, and the balance of comedy, gut wrenching violence, moments of warmth and caring mixed with a relentlessly paced thriller all worked together in a way they really shouldn’t have. Perfect, I believe is the word I am looking for!

McDonagh is back with Seven Psychopaths, a superb titled with an even better cast and a plot that should allow the director to deliver another masterpiece. He certainly has the talent for it, and since he wrote In Bruges as well as this latest crime caper, we can rest assured this will be terrific. The image above gives you an indication of how good the cast it, apologies for Christopher Walken’s hair though (dunno what was going on there!) Anyway, the cast includes Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Christopher ‘mad hair day’ Walken and Colin Farrell teaming up with the director again after his superb turn in In Bruges.


A screenwriter (Colin Farrell) struggling for inspiration for his script, ‘Seven Psychopaths’ gets drawn into the dog-kidnapping scam of his oddball friends Billy (Sam Rockwell) and Hans (Christopher Walken).


When a psychopathic gangster’s (Mickey Rourke) Shih Tzu goes missing, Marty finds he has all the inspiration he needs, as long as he can live to tell the tale.

This is gonna be great, I can promise you that for nothing! No details yet on a release date, however as soon as more news comes we will have it for you. As the film is in pre-production, don’ t expect to see any trailers anytime soon, but we will be on the look out!

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