Incidente: (Rec) influenced zombie horror, check out the awesome trailer and some images here!


Riding on the back of the success of the classic (Rec) comes this new Argentinian handheld horror directed by Mariano Catteneo. We have a few images to share with you, and I am sure you’ll agree the trailer shows a Hell of a lot of promise. As handheld horror seems to be all the rage right now and showing no signs of slowing down its time all the haters of this genre embraced it. I love the handheld horror stuff, and this is yet another film that has gone to the top of my Must-See list! The film stars Daniel De la Vega, Ezio Massa and Andres Borghi, here is the synopsis followed by some images:

Three years ago an employee at the Nacan factory killed 16 workers and himself. A special police division could find no reason for the mass-murder and labelled the case “Incidente” (the name Argentinian Police use for cases with no logical or reasonable explanation). Journalist Romina Salustik and her cameraman, Christian, were hired to make a documentary about the murders, reconstructing what happened that day. They returned to the factory with their crew, along with a specialist and a priest, only to never be seen alive again. This film is the very dark and disturbing unfinished documentary tape recovered from the scene by the police.

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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