Jackie Chan starring martial arts epic Shaolin gets UK release date

Benny Chan’s stunning looking martial arts epic Shaolin has been granted a UK release date, and it is a lot sooner than expected. The superb looking film will arrive on DVD & Bluray on the 12th September!! And to celebrate the release, production company Cine Asia have released a brand new UK trailer which you can view at the bottom of this post. The film stars Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse and Andy Lau. To see the equally amazing US trailer, click here

Synopsis: Experience the incomparable martial arts of Shaolin in this blockbuster motion picture event from legendary producer, Jackie Chan.

China’s last imperial Dynasty has fallen and a ruthless warlord (Andy Lau, House of the Flying Daggers) amasses a vast fortune through the violent subjugation of his people. Faced with a brutal betrayal, he runs for his life, seeking redemption in the fabled Shaolin Temple. When his enemies discover his location, he must stand with his new brothers and fight his life’s greatest battle…

With breathtaking action from the martial arts director of The Transporter 1&2 and an all-star cast of Kung Fu superstars, Shaolin sets a new benchmark for Asian Action Cinema!

By Matt Wavish


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