Lars Von Trier to make hardcore and softcore versions of latest controversial film Nymphomaniac

Always the King of Controversy, after his outburst at Cannes, director Lars Von Trier is showing no signs of slowing down. Personally, I felt his words said at Cannes were taking things too far and rather than just stop after saying that awful Hitler remark, he made matters worse and dug himself into a deeper hole. However, you cannot deny the fact the guy makes challenging and highly provocative films which are intended to shock in one way or another. Granted the guy has said in the past he makes films only for himself, but if you can enjoy his work, there is much to like, whether he wants you to or not. After stunning the world with the quite brilliant Antichrist, and about to turn the world on its head with Melancholia, Von Trier is set to go back to his roots with Nymphomaniac.

See, before he became an arty King of Controversy, Von Trier co-owned a porn company and actually used some of those actors as body doubles in his films The Idiots and Antichrist which both featured full penetration sex. So, in a move which will no doubt have the movie world up in arms again, Von Triers latest movie Nymphomaniac focuses on the erotic life from infancy to middle age. Already it sounds like a risky project, and with Von Triers past experience in the porn industry, and with some of the full on sex scenes involved in some of his films, do you really think he will shy away from using sex in a film titled Nymphomaniac??

Well, in a bizarre move which could either be argued as Von Trier doing something right, or merely just a clever marketing idea to make more money, he will be making two versions of his next film. One version will be a hardcore version, one which I can only assume will be so explicit you can only buy in specialist shops, whilst the other will be a ‘soft-porn’ version which can (hopefully) be shown in cinemas and then feature on the shelves of your local Blockbuster. We will have to wait until 2013 to see what ‘delights’ the director comes up with next, but with the mention if infants and erotic, it does make me feel a bit uneasy…

By Matt Wavish

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