Maria Olsen joins the cast of Jon Craig and Chris Ryves The Road Killer

You may or may not have heard of Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief), but over the next twelve months you will certainly know who she is. Currently she has over ten films about to finish up, the majority of them horror, so keep an eye out. She had worked on Jon Craig and Chris Ryves fantastic looking horror The Road Killer as a producer already, and now she is also set to star in the film as the local Lieutenant’s wife Lilith Meyers. She now joins a cast of Tabetha Ray, Michael Belveduto, Julie Ufema and also director Jon Craig. Check out the awesome teaser trailer below:


The film is about a madman driving around a town and running people over in his car! What could be better than that!!! A must for all horror fans, so we will let you know of a release date as soon as it becomes available. Director Jon Craig recently said this about his film:

“We are huge fans of the horror genre and big fans of old school horror. We find that suspense, realistic acting, and shock are the important elements in horror movies; and a lot of newer horror movies and remakes of old horror films forget the most important and basic things. The horror genre has a long history of low budget projects being very successful. Some of my favorite old horror movies include Evil Dead, Death Race 2000, Dawn of the Dead, and Cannibal Holocaust… By producing “The Road Killer”, I hope to make a horror movie that’s very true to the genre’s roots and takes the genre to another level, rather than demote it as a gory music video.”

“Making this movie is probably the biggest challenge of my life, but I enjoy every moment of it and don’t regret a thing. Despite facing serious financial issues and legal risks, we are 100 percent devoted to making this film as good as we possibly can and are committed to finishing it… We hope that The Road Killer will inspire people to not be afraid to make the movies they want to make.”

By Matt Wavish

Maria Olsen
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