One of the greatest serial killer films of all time is making its way to an ultra special Bluray edition

First released here in the UK in 1986, John McNaughton’s astonishing serial killer film was banned by the BBFC and not released until 1991, with cuts. The powerful and gut wrenching film was made all the more disturbing thanks to a terrific performance by Michael Rooker as Henry Lee Lucas. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is, in my humble opinion, quite possibly the greatest serial killer film ever made and the news it will soon be re-released on Bluray has got me very excited indeed!

Whats got me even more excited is that distributor Optimum Home Entertainment are really making something special out of this 25 year anniversary edition. The Bluray will hit UK shelves on October 24th, RRP £13.99 and below are the rather impressive special features you can expect to find included:

  • Portrait: The Making of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  • The Serial Killers: Henry Lee Lucas
  • Interview with Director John McNaughton
  • John McNaughton in conversation with Nigel Floyd
  • Censorship History
  • Deleted Scenes and Outtakes with commentary by John McNaughton
  • Stills Gallery
  • Original storyboards
  • Trailer

By Matt Wavish

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