Scared of spiders? Well you won’t want to see this!

If, like me, the thought of spiders makes you shake uncontrollably and all of a sudden you are looking round the room expecting to find one, then don’t read on. If you spent the entire scene in Lord of the Rings where Shelob chases Sam around her cave, then don’t read on. Hell, if the film Arachnophobia gives you nightmares, best you don’t read on. I am having a few issues just writing this!

Director Mike Mendez (The Convent, The Gravedancers) is making a spider horror for Epic Pictures, with production expected to begin in a few months. This is no normal spider, this is Mega Spider!! So I can only imagine this film will be much like the Mega everything else, but for Christ sake its about spiders ans I can’t handle that! Especially a 50 foot tall feckin spider! Here are the plot details followed by a chilling poster.

Surviving extermination by nuclear eradication, a horrible alien mutation in arachnid form is now growing at an exponential rate and making its way toward downtown Los Angeles. Hot on its spindly heels is a crack military unit with absolute authority, led by an obsessively driven commander and his beautiful but lethal sidekick. Unfortunately for them, this mutant spider has an array of deadly defenses including the ability to virtually disappear through camouflage. But the creature’s real adversary quickly turns out to be a hot-shot local exterminator armed only with cocky attitude, some fast one-liners and his homemade gadgets. Joining forces with the military team, this blue-collar hero sets out to exterminate what has now become a monstrous 10-story tall MEGA SPIDER.

By Matt Wavish

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A keen enthusiast and collector of all horror and extreme films. I can be picky as i like quality in my horror. This doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a classic, but as long as it has something to impress me then i'm a fan. I watch films by the rule that if it doesn't bring out some kind of emotive response then it aint worth watching.

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