The makers of Immortals discuss their incredible looking film at Comic Con

Due out on November 11th comes Tarsem Singh’s breathtaking action film Immortals. Starring Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, John Hurt, Freida Pinto and Stephen Dorff, the film centres around ancient Greece and how a young warrior named Theseus gathers an army to take revenge on King Hyperion. Hyperion is on a mission to pillage every village he comes across in search of the legendary Epirus Bow, a weapon that can unleash the imprisoned Titans. If you have not seen the fantastic trailer then please view it in this post. Makr my words, Immortals is gonna be something special, something truly epic and I honestly believe we will never have seen anything like it before. Singh is a gifted filmmaker with a dazzling talent for visuals and here he has been granted a very large budget to really flaunt his talents. Anyway, a panel of the films makers, stars and producers sat down to discuss their film at the recent San Diego Comic Con, courtesy of Dread Central, here is what was said:

“The idea when you’re growing up as a boy to play a sword-wielding hero and beating up the bad guy is a fun thing,” said Henry Cavill (The Count of Monte Cristo, the upcoming Man of Steel), who stars as Theseus in Immortals.

In speaking about his attraction to the role, Cavill said, “Ultimately, it came down to (director) Tarsem (Singh). “The script had a few kinks initially, but Tarsem’s vision and passion for it was amazing. Even if Tarsem came to me with a piece of wood and pretended it was a script and told me he was very passionate about it, he could sell me on it.”

Director Tarsem Singh elaborated on how slight the original script actually was. “A few kinks is an understatement, Singh said. “There was practically nothing there, originally. All we had was one scene. But I wanted the right actor and found Henry. Whatever you changed about the script, he could act it. When we started he was a king’s son, now he’s a peasant.”

But from these humble beginnings, a huge film was made. Singh said, “The movie is not traditionally Greek. I wasn’t interested in staying with the traditional Greek. Then you’d have an exact replica of 300. I wanted to do a story based around a concept. That being: If gods exist then why is the world as miserable as it is? But if you deal with any modern religion you’ll get stoned in some countries, killed in others. So you pick a dead religion like the Greeks. Then you’ll just get people bitching about you on the Internet.

Singh took this original concept and developed it into a film he describes as: “Fun and dark and lovely and sexy. Violent, too. It’s wild and sexy!”

Cavill (who will be playing Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel film) discussed the physical training involved with the role. He called the work “Extensive and exhausting. Some days were 9 to 5.” Cavill continued, “You certainly learn a lot when you go through the process. You learn how to do it more efficiently. I’m 25 pounds heavier since going through it.”

When asked what about this film would appeal to audiences, director Singh replied with a question. “You mean this film? With a bunch of sexy gods fighting each other?”

For a whole lot more on this superb looking film including a rather special image gallery, click here

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