The official trailer has arrived for the inventive sci-fi thriller In Time, watch it here!

Just a few weeks back we showed you a long, four minute promo reel for Andrew Niccol’s sci-fi thriller In Time. The four minute clip was showcased at the San Diego Comic Con and it looked impressively unique. The full official trailer landed yesterday for the mind bending film and you can view it right here. Starring Justin Timberlake, Cilian Murphy,Olivia Wilde and Amanda Seyfried, the film will hit UK cinemas November 1st.


Synopsis: In the not-too-distant future the aging gene has been switched off. To avoid overpopulation, time has become the currency and the way people pay for luxuries and necessities. The rich can live forever, while the rest try to negotiate for their immortality. A poor young man who comes into a fortune of time, though too late to help his mother from dying. He ends up on the run from a corrupt police force known as ‘time keepers’.

By Matt Wavish

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