THE WORST SUPERHERO FILMS OF ALL TIME: A look at the worst figures to put on a spandex, a cape round their neck and those who wore their pants over their trousers to ever grace the big screen…..PART TWO


                                                                                              PART 2

 With The Green Lantern receiving a massive thumbs down from critics and fans all over the world, Ross Hughes has continued to listen to the whispers which claim its the worst Superhero film of all time and decided to seek out the truth.  Is it?  Or are there many more better titles out there that deserve such acclaim.  Its time to put down the comic books and remember the films that stank out the cinema and made the fans of these characters rage with venom….
And I start in no particular order, I mean these films I have seeked out are so bad that they make The Green Lantern seem a work of art.  Yes that Ryan Reynolds film may not be the best but lets be honest being a film fan can play havoc with your memory.  Is it really as bad has these lot coming up?  Well the only way to let me know is to leave a comment, but you find it hard to convince me otherwise, I mean is it worse than this?



SUPERMAN IV: The Quest For Peace (1987)  

The franchise killer, a film that totally destroyed the good work made by Donner in the original.  Yes guys, Superman IV is one of the worst films ever made and its so bad, it does not even have this guilty pleasure watch which most films of this nature has.  What can be said that has not been, I mean its impossible for me to add anything new, the cheap FX is one of the worst you ever see with scenes even getting repeated, but you will laugh out loud at Superman and Nuclear Man.  Ok, I am trying to rattle my brain at even worse moments that you probably can not remember, how about the scene where Superman lets out BLUE RAYS from his eyes that we never knew he could.  How about when Lacey is flown into space by Nuclear Man yet does not die.  Or when our Supes again brainwashes our Lois to not remember anything.  What kind of damage is that doing to her brain.  This is awful, everyone who made it knows its awful and yet there are those who criticise Superman Returns.  Those fans should know better!                              




Ok this is a cheap one, I mean its universally known that Batman and Robin is one of the worst Superhero films of all time but I am telling you something that I really shouldn’t.  But I need to get it off my chest.  I actually queued at the cinema to watch this pile of crap, it was actually a first date with this girl and it was one of the most embarrasing moments of my life.  I sat at the back with a bunch of screaming kids who were lapping up the film while I sat there apologising to a girl who I would never see again.  I mean how could they put Nipples on the suit, how? why? I mean who woke up one morning and said “I tell you what is missing from that suit, Nipples!”  For feck sake but the moment that I will never ever forget, a scene that has stayed with me forever is the bit when Batman got out his credit card and said the words “Batcard, never leave the cave without it!”…….The biggest regret?  Clooney could have been a great Bruce Wayne!  




RAT PFINK A BOO BOO (1965)                                                              

I really do not want to steal the glory from Darren who done a review of this quite suureal Superhero film, so if you want to know why its in this list then please follow the link here:



Yes Captain America is in here.  Not the one you have probably just watched at the cinema, but the film that was released way back in 1990 starring Matt Salinger, a bonkers film that has so much charm in its awfulness that it needs to be watched.  The Bizarre plot has this mysterious man in a red latex mask going around killing figures such as Elvis and JFK! Yes you did read that right.  Scenes like Captain America punching a rocket upwards will leave you open mouthed, and the political message will go over the head of most kids who will want to seek this out.  What Political message I hear, well Red Skull is trying to kill the president is because he wants to pass a bunch of pro-environmentalist legislation that upsets the military-industrial complex. Did you understand that?  If you did, give yourself a gold star and just to affirm the message, the film ends with a plea to support the Environmental Protection Act.    

You can see now, why this was disaster



All your youngsters who thought that the FANTASTIC FOUR film only came out in 2005 are well wrong.  The infamous 90’s version has gone down in the comic lore as one of the biggest failures of all time, but much like the Star Wars Holiday Special, it as become the most sought after copy among car boot sellers and those who venture on ebay.  I for one can not comment on the film because I have never seen it, but I have a friend who is a massive comic book fanatic  who has a copy and he calls it “One of the most horrific but brilliant films you could ever see”.  Now by horrific, I doubt he means in the same way as A Serbian Film, but in that the watch is so bad that you can not take your eyes off it.  Just look at the trailer and see The Thing that looks like he has crawled out from the bottom of the sea with its fish like features.  I be doing a special feature on this soon to explain the full story why this was made, but until then just marvel at the ghastly trailer and laugh out loud at what is on offer!


                                                                         TO BE CONTINUED

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