Third Apollo 18 trailer is the creepiest, most unsettling trailer you are likely to see all year!

Holy crap! If you have seen the previous clips and trailers for Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego’s found footage space horror Apollo 18, and you STILL need convincing, then feats your eyes on the latest, and best trailer. In fact, this trailer blew me away, this is real scary stuff, really really unsettling now it gives away a bit more of the story, and I honestly believe this movie will absolutely terrify audiences when it arrives in UK cinemas this Friday. I shall be seeing this Friday, so expect my thoughts up at the weekend but I have no doubt I will have nothing but good things to say about this shocker, just don’t go and see it alone!

For tons more on this fantastic looking film, with a load of clips and trailers, click here


Officially, Apollo 17 — launched December 17th, 1972 — was the last manned mission to the moon. But a year later, in December of 1973, two American astronauts were sent on a secret mission to the moon funded by the US Department of Defense. What you are about to see is the actual footage that the astronauts captured on that mission. While NASA denies its authenticity, others say it’s the real reason we’ve never gone back to the moon.

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