Tom Cruise to choose who will be his leading female actress in the formerly titled ‘Oblivion’, now titled ‘Horizons’

Alright for some aint it, not content with what will no doubt be a massive pay cheque for his next film, Tom Cruise also gets to choose his leading lady in the film! I’m in the wrong job, but at least the news story gives me an excuse to post some pictures of his selection of females. The sci-fi epic Oblivion has now been re-named Horizons and is being directed by Joseph Kosinski and currently has a release date scheduled for July 19th 2013. Tom Cruise will play a soldier who is sent to a distant planet on a mission to destroy the alien race, however, the arrival of female makes him question exactly what he is doing and I can only imagine it goes all sentimental, but will have plenty of action and lovely sci-fi stuff.

Not much is known about the film yet, but as we find out new stuff we will share it with you. I am sure an official synopsis will be with us soon. Anyway, lucky old Mr Cruise has to make the choice between Olivia Wilde, Jessica Chastain, Noomi Rapace, Brit Marling and Olga Kurylenko, the lucky lucky bastard! Check out the girls below, who would you pick?

By Matt Wavish

Olivia Wilde


Jessica Chastain


Noomi Rapace


Brit Marling


Olga Kurylenko
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