Tom Six prepares us for The Human Centipede 3 “It’s going to upset a lot of people”

With The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence already being banned outright by the BBFC, director Tom Six is ready to annoy them again and cause a bit of a stir. Part 2 has yet to be released, and the only details we know are that of which the BBFC leaked in order to justify their decision to ban the film. Clearly not all that bothered and actually looking like he is taunting all censors, Six claims, one again, that the next film in the trilogy will make Part 2 look like a Disney film. This is exactly what he said when comparing Part 2 to the first film, and if you click here to catch up on all the previous news, you will find some rather disturbing details about what to expect from Part 2: Full Sequence. To out do what is planned in Part 2 would mean some seriously fucked up shit, and it just might push things too far. But hey, fair play to Six for giving the audience what they expect.

In a recent interview with Empire Six said  Part 3 will make the last one look like a Disney film,” he tells Empire. “We’re going to shoot the third film entirely in America and it’s going to be my favourite…It’s going to upset a lot of people.

The third film is set to be the final part, after all it is a trilogy! When asked if he was planning a fourth he stated “No, never”. When asked if he would ever allow his film to be remade he said “With Tom Cruise on his hands and knees?” joked the Dutchman. “No, I’m not sure but I’d love to direct it.”

So there you have it, if you have the stomach for it then The Human Centipede Trilogy is set to go down in history as quite possibly the sickest trilogy of all time!

By Matt Wavish

Matt Wavish
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