Top 10 Horror scares: The 90’s and beyond, the results

Well, you guys voted and I am very pleased to say my favourite horror scene came out on top winning more votes than any of the others. Interesting that the majority of voters went for the more supernatural choice, including ghosts and curses. Only one Zombie related scene made the cut which I didn’t expect, and only two scenes involving ‘creatures’. There is also a very strong indication that even though J-Horror has lost its way now, it pretty much owned the late nineties and the noughties with many of you chosing a scene from one of those classics. Anyway, in reverse order from ten to one, here is what became your top ten most frightening scenes from the 90’s up till now:

10: The Eye- 2002 (The Pang Brothers): “Get out of my chair!!!”

9- Audition- 1999 (Takeshi Miike): The potatoe sack scene

8- The Descent- 2005 (Neil Marshall): Sadly I could not find this clip, but it is the one where one of the girls turn around expecting to find a Crawler stood behind her, she turns and nothing is there. After a pause she turns again, nothing, but the Crawler is up above…

7- The Grudge-2002 (Takashin Shimizu): Ghost under the bed covers (sadly I could only find a clip for the awful remake)

6- Mulholland Drive- 2001 (David Lynch): Man behind winkies

5- Dawn of the Dead- 2004 (Zack Snyder): The opening bathroom attack

4- Insidious- 2010 (James Wan): Man stood behind cot

3- The Blair Witch Project – 1999 (Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez): The final scene(contains major spoilers!!!)

2- Ringu- 1998 (Hideo Nakata): Sadako crawls out of the TV (contains major spoilers!!!)

1- The Exorcist 3 – 1990 (William Peter Blatty): The corridor scene

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